Solar Sustenance

Energy is the primary source for powering all our equipment’s and gadgets, this crucial need is becoming dearer and costlier year on year. Government charges hefty rates on commercial and industrial electricity consumption. Raynhart pioneers in setting up solar power solutions to generate electricity for augmenting power at energy-intensive commercial, industrial and household needs.

We offer on-grid or off-grid connectivity, rooftop or ground mounted systems with the use of Tier One solar modules and inverters. We offer turnkey solutions customized to meet the client needs through our network of reputed Manufactures and Technology Partners.

Spectrum of Solutions
  • Energy Audits and Consultation
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Spares Supply
Why now
  • Self-sustenance and reliable for continuous power supply.
  • Maintenance is easier than ever. Technology has advanced so much that there are self-cleaning panels too!
  • Carbon-emission free for a promising tomorrow.
  • Keep precise track on power generation from the solar plant, which can be monitored through your PC/mobile app
  • Changing locality/house? No problem, we will shift and reinstall your solar systems again.
  • Want a return from investment on idle space? We suggest you go solar. We can use a parking lot, outdoor cafeteria, garden area, etc., leave the creativity to us

Leave it to us to plan and execute a practical investment. We customize not just for your requirement and your budget but also particular about your returns and aesthetics

Keeping up with the smart gadgets, Raynhart presents to you a smart and interactive solar system.

How SMART can you solar system be?
  • We can integrate smart metering system which will give you live generation and consumption of power everyday.
  • Automatic/ timed turning on/turning off.
  • With an option of remote access to turn on and turn off the solar system.
  • Service and maintenance alerts.
  • Savings report from solar plant generated every month.
  • Furthermore, Raynhart can customise more features as per your requirement.


Type of installation

Sanction Load*

Units Consumption(KWH)*

Tariff Rs*

Recommended solar plant

Plant require Area (

Units Generation (KWH)/Year

Units Generation (KWH)/Month

Units Generation (KWH)/Day

Monthly EB Bill Amount

Bill with solar

Difference Amount

Amount Saving %

System cost

Life Time saving


Solar Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system uses both solar thermal energy and electrical power. The air conditioning system always requires mains electrical power to operate fans and electric control components. The air conditioning system uses solar thermal energy as an energy source to help maintain the refrigeration process, which in turn reduces the amount of electrical energy required to run the compressor. They absorb thermal solar energy by using a thermal collector with copper heat conducting inner coils. This then uses the stored energy in the solar collector to continue the refrigeration cycle while the compressor is off utilizing a larger stored amount of refrigerant liquid in the condenser. The collector, compressor and the condenser have been designed to work in tandem to allow a smaller compressor to be used. The smaller compressor consumes less electricity and combined with the solar collector.

  • Saving you up to 60% in energy usage.
  • Functions even at super high/ low temperature in the range of -50°C to 55°C.
  • Powder-Coated outer body to withstand harshest climatic conditions.
  • High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor with a built-in accumulator.
  • Smart Cooling guarantees high-performance and low electricity bills.
  • Quieter than traditional systems.
  • Dependable and durable.

Our variants of split AC, tower AC and cassette type ACs comes which ranges from 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton & 2.5 ton.

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Solar Street Lights

Solar Streetlights are designed to work throughout the night, giving an autonomy for 3 days. Our design is seamless as the solar panel is integrated with battery and LED lights as a single unit and its efficiency is best at a gradient of 35° to the horizon.

Mono-crystalline Solar Panel:

Their efficiency of mono crystalline panels are high and its lifespan is of 25 years.

Lithium Ion Battery:

Battery will store the electricity from solar panel during the day and provide energy to LED during night. These require very less maintenance and have a longer life compared to other battery types.

PIR Sensor:

The LED comes with a PIR sensor which detects motion. With the help of this, the solar street light can adapt to the light required in its environment, i.e., when there is no activity in the area, the light will dim itself and activates when they is any activity within 15 mtrs radius from the street light. This helps save charge in the battery, thus extending its output.

Heat Sink:

Cold forging heatsink cooling systems extends the lifespan of the solar street light by 20%

Aluminium Coating:

Electrostatic spraying is done to prevent corrosion, making it resistant to ageing.

LED Lights:

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. LEDs, being solid state components, are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs which are fragile.

iP68 Connector

is water and weather proof.

  • The integrated solar street light design ensures protection from battery theft.
  • No requirement of connecting wires or trenching
  • Long battery life with Lithium ion / Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • Easy to install without trained manpower (within 10 minutes.)
  • No battery maintenance required for at least 3 to 4 years
  • No electricity bills as light run fully on Solar Power
  • 100% Environmentally friendly
  • Completely safe as it works on 12v circuit
  • Fully self-sustained, all-in-one solar powered light
  • Customizable, be it design or the capacity of the street light
  • 72 hrs autonomous back-up - Suitable for any weather conditions
  • Street lighting
  • Road lighting
  • Housing estate
  • Apartment complexes
  • Campus
  • Courtyard
  • Stadiums
  • Outdoor parking lots
  • Yards/ Docks
  • Garden/ Parks

Solar Water Pump

A solar-powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the radiated thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. The size of the PV-system is directly dependent on the size of the pump, the amount of water that is required (m³/d) and the solar irradiance available. Solar water pumps may be especially useful in small scale or community based irrigation, as large scale irrigation requires large volumes of water that in turn require a large solar PV array.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that uses sunlight (rather than the heat of the sun) to heat water. It enables substantial energy savings, as the sun shining on 1m² of roof replaces 100L of heating oil or 100 m³ of natural gas (approximately 1000 kWh) a year. The solar water heater absorbs light by means of a collector placed on the roof and converts it into heat. It passes this heat to a water tank by means of a circulating pump. This exchange is triggered by the thermal regulator, but only when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank.  The efficiency of the collectors is at its highest at midday, in summer, when the sky is cloudless, and when the collectors face south. However, the collectors also work well in other seasons, when the sky is cloudy, for a good part of the day, even if they face east or west. Likewise, the efficiency is best at a gradient of 35° to the horizon.


Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days. Our designs use wireless technology and fuzzy control for battery management.

Solar Dryer

Solar power as a source of renewable energy is very useful in drying food items. Many places in rural India as well as urban India do not get sufficient power supply throughout the day. In such places solar dryer can be useful device for drying food items hygienically. A new improved design of a solar dryer has been worked out for drying produce in sufficiently large quantity. Apart from solar radiation and natural convection of air currents in the dryer one more feature has been added to improve the drying of fruits and vegetables. The feature is based on simultaneous generation of electricity by a solar panel and using it by creating an induced draft of air by fans installed in the dryer. These installed exhaust fans are run to force moisture laden air outside the dryer. This dryer achieves sufficiently high chamber temperature and dries product in accelerated manner. 


The Solar Dryer can be designed for capacity varying from 100 kg – 1 tonne fresh food per batch, is used for drying tomato slices, brinjal slices, potato wafers, green chilies, apricot pieces, apple slices, pineapple slices, mango slices, grapes, fish and other meat, etc.

  • Drying process is made 1.5 times faster than normal sun drying procedure.
  • Uniform drying throughout the batch of fruits or vegetables.
  • It has no adverse effect on environment.
  • Speedy, yet natural process of drying.

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