Urban Farming & Hydroponics Services

Quality of fruits and vegetables we consume has become questionable with an increased use of pesticides and genetic modifications for accelerating the volume of produce in the recent years. The number of cancer cases and hormone related defects in the young and adults are on the rise, due to such prevailing practices in conventional farming methods. Wellness and healthy lifestyle practices advocate the age-old practice of organic farming. The other challenge faced in urban areas is space constraints for cultivation. Raynhart offers the best in class practices of cultivating own requirement of vegetables and fruits with an area as low as 100 sq. ft. of balcony space in apartment/ individual households in a controlled environment. If you think that you can spare any area in your balcony/ terrace/ garden? Join hand with your neighbors and set up an urban farm in a common/ joint space, divide the responsibilities and the produce from the farm.

Why go organic?

Commericialisation of farming habits has deteriorated the quality of the vegetation. Cultivating your own farm is a best way to go about it.

  • Trust what you eat, no harmful pesticides.
  • Full veggie sustenance from your farm.
  • Fresh, a general sense of wanting to eat healthy.
  • Increases consumption of fruits and vegetable.
  • Low but regular maintenance.
  • No reliance on markets or supermarket.
  • Green and relaxing environment.


You just have to tell us what veggies you want in your urban farm and to show us the space where you want it at. Leave the rest it to us, we'll take of the rest. We will conduct a survey of the space available and viability study to assess the variety of plants to cultivate in the dedicated area. After your confirmation, we will set up the entire farm for you.

  • Enclose the area to protect from outside weather conditions (only if required), depends on local climatic conditions.
  • Provide and plant the sapling of your chosen plant varieties.
  • We will guide you to nurture your plants regularly until you get a hang of it.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is to grow plants in an even more controlled and conscious manner. You do not need a green thumb to have a farm of your own. If you own an urban farm, you will be able to continuously grow fresh food for yourself and your family all-year-round. Our containment boxes are quipped to sustain moister for 4-5 days in your absence. To make it all the more easy and efficient, you also have an option to set a timer to water your plants.

Our responsibility does not end at setting up your farm, we will educate you on how to make the best off your edible garden. We will provide the know-hows and a checklists too, we are always available to guide you through this.

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Hydroponics is a process of cultivating plants without soil and solely on water. This eliminates any soil trigger pest infestation. The water is dissolved with the nutrients essential for the plants. These hydroponic system of growing plant reduces water consumption by 90%, as the discharged water from the systems are pumped to the plant. To make it all the more convenient, you also have an option to set a timer to water your plants and sensor to monitor the plants growth and yield. This model of farming can be adopted both indoors and outdoors, customizable for small scale farming or for large scale farming. The future of agriculture lays here, especially in times of drought and water starvation, let’s be proactive. We will guide and educate you about the know-hows and the process involved in harvesting though hydroponics.

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