Atmospheric Water Generators

An atmospheric water generator uses the natural process of condensation through dehumidification. An electric coil is cooled, and the warmer air passing over it condenses into liquid water, which is then stored in a tank and filtered (passing through an activated carbon cartridge and sometimes a UV light chamber). Then, the output water is perfectly pure and safe to drink. The mains water supply can also be connected to the tank.

To ensure condensation occurs, air humidity must be over 40%, the ambient air temperature above 35°F (1.5°C), and the altitude below 4,000 feet. Under temperate climate, these conditions are easily met, indoors at least.

An AWG doesn’t need a significant amount of electricity to work (300-1200 watts). This is equivalent to a desktop PC, or a complete home entertainment system. Atmospheric water generators are still a recent technology but they are a great idea to reduce your municipal water consumption and protect the planet.

An AWG doesn’t need a significant amount of electricity to work (300-1200 watts). This is equivalent to a desktop PC, or a complete home entertainment system. Atmospheric water generators are still a recent technology but they are a great idea to reduce your municipal water consumption and protect the planet. 


No water supply needed

Highest and Consistent Water Quality


Fully autonomy systems

Environmentally friendly

Economical in arid areas

No waste produced

Customisable to suit customer’s requirement

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Smart Water Meter

An intelligent combination of the world's most successful water meter and cutting edge electronics offering more than just metering. The patent pending solution enables real time measurement, monitoring and control without taking any resources from the host building for operations and meter readings.

  • Monitor each inlet in your home.
  • Get instant alerts on leakages .
  • Control at your fingertips.
  • Pre paid billing option.
  • Accurate meter reading
  • Flow Control
  • Wireless & self contained
  • Tamper proof design
  • Roboust Electronics and Firmware
  • Safe and Secure
  • Real time consumption monitoring
  • Cloud based architecture
  • Remote diagnostics

Oxyo Treatment of Sewage

Purification of wastewater can be achieved by a variety of techniques. Biological purification processes achieve high purification efficiencies most economically. We offer turnkey solutions based on the latest technologies in Bio-treatment available from across the globe.

Sewage contains urea, proteins, fats, organic acids and synthetic surfactants. In flowing systems in a biological treatment facility, self-regulation of bio mass to food (pollutants) available is achieved by itself. Purification is attained in four phases:

Phase 1: Absorption of organic pollutants on the surface of active bio mass occurs in approximately 30 minutes.

Phase 2: Bio oxidation of organic compounds such as carbohydrates normally occurs in 1 hour.

Phase 3: Bio degradation of heavily oxidized organics such as fats, proteins, etc. occurs in this phase.

Bacterial disintegration of protein by hydrolysis → peptones

Peptones are oxidized → amino acids → ammonia.

Ammonia nitrogen is one of the components of food for aerobic microorganism.

Nitrifying bacteria converts ammonia nitrogen → nitrite → nitrate nitrogen during their metabolism.

These reactions occur with low organic load in the aeration tank. This means - reaction time of 24 to 30 hours in suspended growth process, including Batch reactors. This phase leads to increase in total quantity of bio mass as a result of transfer from food to bio mass. The duration of this phase varies from 3 to 30 hours depending on the bio degradability. Nitrification develops intensively during this phase.

Phase 4: This is a starvation phase also called endogenous respiration. Self-oxidation of sludge cellular element occurs. Most biological processes do not effectively remove phosphates. Generally chemical precipitation of phosphates is resorted for complete removal which otherwise is not possible. Presence of nitrogen and phosphorous cause’s growth of algae which is not preferred when used for cooling tower water make up. Removal of nitrate nitrogen biologically makes the treated water reusable for cooling water make up. Phosphates, if present, serve as an anticorrosive agent. Treated wastewater after removal of nitrate produces high quality of treated water. Removal of suspended solids after bio treatment is relatively simple and requires simple filtration units to produce suspended solids of less than 5 ppm for reuse in cooling tower water make up. It is imperative to have a ggood biological treatment facility to produce high quality water for reuse.

The team has inbuilt capabilities to offer innovative solutions in bio-treatment. We optimize performance of existing plants to deliver the desired results. Our team has the diagnostic skills to analyze and set plants to perform utilizing all the existing facilities to enhance the capacities.

Selection of appropriate technology to achieve the desired results depends on:

Low to moderate capital costs.

Treats water in less than 24 hrs.

No chemicals used in STP.

Power consumption is a bare minimum

Treated water after disinfection meets all statutory standards and fit for disposal.

Smaller foot print and lowered maintenance cost.

  • Design based on retaining bio mass in the aeration tank for increased biological activity – viable cell count which will never be sluggish.
  • Sludge production completely minimized. Odor automatically controlled as a result of improved biological activity.
  • Useful for customer with space constraints, less than 30% of conventional septic tank area is sufficient.
  • Personnel required to operate the plant
  • Little or no recurring expenditure.


Water Treatment

If you have been keeping up with what is happening around you, you should know the water deficit we are confronting. If this water deficit gets any worse than it already is, water rich country will become the new Gulf. India will soon become a water-stressed country and we all need to work towards our water security. Water resources are depleting due to irresponsible industrialisation and urbanisation. The quality of water used at industrial/domestic applications have become questionable with respect to purity and the total dissolved solids present. With the advent of the increased requirements of its applications and primary sources of water getting polluted with excess contaminants, treatment of water has become all the more imperative to suit end user needs. We offer complete turnkey solutions waste water management and optimum reuse.

Spectrum of Solutions

Water Testing, Audit and Consultation

Operation & Maintenance

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Supply of Equipment Spares

Revamp & Retrofitting

How can Raynhart help?
  • Reduce the usage of fresh/ potable water in Industries such as Food processing and sugar manufacturing.
  • Modular configuration, in case of area constraint in the premises
  • Safeguard environment against pollution and contribute in sustainable development.
  • Adhere to norms set by the Government, failing which hefty penalties are imposed on the defaulter.
  • Low maintenance and minimal operation costs.

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